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IMPORTANT: Webcast Set-Up and Testing
Instructions for Individual PCs and Webcasts Projected Using
LCD Projectors or Plasma Displays

To ensure that you can access the webcast, we URGE participants to run the Webcast Connection Test below at least a day in advance of the program.  If you are in a company environment, we urge you to request that your IT and A/V departments run the tests a day in advance with the same laptop / LCD projector, etc. that will be used for the actual webcastLast-minute set-up and testing is the primary reason for webcast viewing problems!


Test Your Connection

Pre-testing is recommended as some issues may be difficult to fix at the last moment and may require contacting your technical support department.  This may include confirming that your company’s Internet Firewall supports streaming video.

Webcast Set-Up Instructions

Minimum system requirement
The system requirements vary for different versions.

Internet requirements
For best results, view the program over a broadband internet connection of 500 Kbps or above.  Please check with your IT department to ensure your network meets this minimum requirement.  You can also check your connection speed by going to:  http://speedtest.net/

Firewall requirement for networked office environments
Some corporate networks block live streaming media at their network firewall.  If you are unable to view the test link (above), your network/IT administrator may need to open ports on the firewall.   Please advise them that the following firewall ports need to be opened in order for you to view this webcast:  TCP: 80, 554 and 1755 and UDP: 554 and 1755. Additional, they should ensure that the computer level firewall is not blocking streaming media over port 80.  

For more information concerning firewalls and Windows Media Player®, please see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827562
For more information concerning firewalls and Adobe® Flash® Media®, please see http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/164/tn_16499.html

Playing a webcast through an LCD Projector
It is very important that prior to the webcast you test your webcast connection (see “Play a webcast test,” above) from your laptop through the actual LCD projector you will be using for the webcast itself. It is not uncommon for the webcast to play normally on the laptop but for the video to be blocked by a setting on the connected LCD projector.   Two common fixes for this issue are:

However, quite often settings on the LCD projector itself need to be changed to view the streaming video.  Each projector has its own settings. Try to test an actual video stream prior to the event.


When I click the link to connect to the webcast, nothing happens or I have a black space where the video or video controls should appear.
Make sure that your computer has Adobe® Flash® Player®, Windows Media Player® or Silverlight® installed.  Click here to test your system/download players..

If you have Adobe® Flash® installed and are using Internet Explorer 9, but still cannot view the live stream, you will need to switch to "compatibility mode". To do so: Click "Tools" (If you do not see the menu hit the F10 key) > "Compatibility View" (A checkmark will now appear next to "Compatibilty View") > Refresh the page and the video should start working

When I click on the link the wrong video or program appears?
This may occur if your system or proxy server has cached a previous link. This may be resolved in one of two ways:

The media player automatically stops or it continually stops and rebuffers
Press the "Play" button on to screen to restart the video stream. There are many variables that can affect streaming video over the internet.

 Network congestion can occur at any time due to the following problems:

Network congestion can be alleviated by: 

I get a picture but no sound
Make sure that your computer speakers are connected, turned on, and that you have adjusted the volume on the speaker volume knob and on your computer's volume control setting.  Also, make sure the computer's sound is not muted.

The video becomes choppy or freezes up (connectivity & firewall issues)
There is possibly an issue with your connection to the Internet (your Internet Service Provider or network connection is busy or having issues) or a firewall is causing problems.
For more information concerning firewalls and Adobe® Flash® Media®, please see http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/164/tn_16499.html For more information concerning firewalls and Windows Media Player®, please see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827562

My computer crashes when I try to access the event

Some of the video or slides go off the edge of my screen
Your computer screen display settings may be causing the distortion. Webcasts are best viewed with a display setting of 1024 X 768 or higher.

The text in the webcast viewer window is missing, distorted, or incomplete
Using the top Menu Toolbar in Internet Explorer, click View > Choose Text Size.   Set it to the default "medium" or "smaller" rather than "large" or "largest."

 I am having trouble viewing the webcast using my Mozilla Firefox browser.
Windows Media® files may require changes to your system configuration.  Click here or here to download and install the plug-in and follow all of the steps exactly.  After doing so, you should be able to view the Windows Media files via Firefox.

My Adobe® Flash® Player does not work and I can't view the video or hear the audio webcast.
For technical support installing or using Adobe® Flash® Player, please visit: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/.

I am having trouble viewing the webcast using Windows Media Player
If your player stops during the program, refresh / reload the Web page or press the start button on your player to initiate the webcast again.

Can I watch the webcast on my iPad or other tablet?
Not all webcasts are available via IPhone®, IPad® and Android Phones. If the webcast you are viewing has a mobile video stream, the link to the mobile page will be on the main launch page. Minimum version of iOS 3.0.2 or higher is required to be able to view or hear the webcasts on Apple® mobile devices.

Captioning and Accessibility Information
We continuously strive to ensure that our webcasts are accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

We provide captioning for the hearing impaired for live and on-demand webcasts using the Windows Media Player® and RealPlayer® formats. Currently, the Adobe® Flash® format is not captioned.

We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer to watch captioned webcasts. Please note that Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers do not currently support captioning for the Windows Media Player® format.